kobe: taurasi, delle donne & moore can keep up with nba players

kobe bryant was already on the minds of basketball fans on the day of his tragic death last month . the night before, lebron james had passed him on the all-time nba scoring list.  and earlier in the week in one of his final interviews, cnn reported that kobe had…

lent his voice to calls for women to one day be allowed to compete in the nba, claiming there are female stars who could make the leap right now.

lend his voice means support. lent is the irregular past tense of lendone day means someday in the future claim means declare, say. cnn uses claim to indicate that it is kobe’s opinion not a fact. a leap is a big jump. make the leap here refers to the transition from the wnba to the nba.

kobe bryant and diana taurasi (facebook/ball is life)

kobe specifically said…

diana taurasi, maya moore, elena delle donne. there’s a lot of great players out there so they could certainly keep up with them

keep up with means these ladies could compete or play at the same level as the men.

diana taurasi (dianataurasi.com)

cnn included some additional information on these lady hoopers (basketball players).

diana taurasi

her nickname is white mamba, a derivative of bryant’s own nickname ‘black mamba’, owing to her habit of scoring in clutch situations.

owing to is because of. clutch is high pressure and the ability to perform under pressure.

elena delle donne

elena delle donne playing for th e washington mystics

elena delle donne

led washington mystics to their first wnba title, picking up her second wnba mvp title in the process

led is the irregular past tense of lead. pick up means win in this context.

maya moore playing for the minnesota lynx of the wnba

maya moore

sat out the 2019 season to focus on family and her faith, she is also a wnba mvp winner, taking the award in 2014…she had won four wnba championships with the minnesota lynx before she turned 29.

sit out means decide not to participate. faith is what maya believes, her values. had won is past perfect–it refers to maya turning 29 and the time beforehad is an auxiliary verb and won is the irregular past participle for win.

diana taurasi, elena delle donne and maya moore as teammates at the 2016  olympics in rio (twitter/@usabasketball)

do u agree with kobe bryant that these women (and possibly) others could keep up in the nba now? share your views under leave a reply




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