kobe bryant logo likeness & lame imagery from a commercial

the possibility of kobe bryant replacing jerry west as the nba logo has been a topic of conversation since kobe’s tragic death in january of 2020.  nba commissioner adam silver addressed the issue in his press conference the day before the nba all-star game last month. the l.a. times reported that

in response to a question about widespread support to update the nba logo with a likeness of kobe bryant replacing the silhouette of jerry west, silver said there are “no ongoing discussions” about changing the logo; “the logo is iconic.” [silver added] that it doesn’t feel like it’s the appropriate moment to change it. silver said the league could still one day revisit updating the design, but reminded reporters that the nba has renamed the all-star game’s most valuable player honor after bryant.

the current jerry west silhouette nba logo a picture of kobe dribbling as the logo and a silhouette logo of kobe taken from the photo of kobe dribbling vocabulario en inglés

the silhouette of jerry west as the current nba logo (left) and what kobe’s likeness might look like [@tysonbeckdesign]

fun tesol examples 🙂 richyrocks english on youtube

widespread means extensive. a likeness is an image that looks like a person, kobe bryant or jerry west in this case. a silhouette is an outline, a shadow. ongoing means continuous. appropriate is an adjective and not a verb, so the -ate ending should be pronounced as a shwuh sound: uh-PRO-pre-ut. the a at the beginning of the word is also a shwuh sound. revisit means talk about again. remind means cause to remember. named after means the mvp award at the all-star game now has kobe’s name.

nba all-star game kobe bryant map award--vocabulario en inglés

the all-star game mvp trophy is named after kobe bryant

so a likeness of kobe might not become the nba logo, but it would be a much better use of kobe imagery than this cringey  piece of media from mcdonalds.

good vocabulary, though😎

at the beginning of the commercial, the coach tells the kids to bring it in which is a common way for coaches to call their team together. the team realizes that their best player billy is sick and won’t be able to play. they consider the possibility of having kobe fill in  (substitute) at :17 u can hear one of the kids ask the others whaddya think? whaddya is a reduction of what do you.

meme of a sad owl with the caption whaddya mean i wasn't picked to go to hogwarts?--vocabulario en inglés

and at :23, one of the kids takes kobe aside and tells him

if we win we get to go to mcdonald’s, so don’t blow it.

get to indicates the kids are excited to go to mcdonald’s, it’s a reward. blow it means fail, not take advantage of an opportunity.

lady with her baby at computer--vocabulario en inglés

one advantage of home office: getting to stay home with your baby

the english practice extra for this post compares this ad with the iconic be like mike gatorade commercial. it contains vocabulary examples of beloved, blatant, fuck it, though, ain’t, even, would rather, corny, like to introduce dialogue, 3rd conditional, hell, grown, quite, revered, yet, have believe and clumsy.

should the nba change their logo to kobe’s likeness? what do u think about kobe’s mcdonald’s commercial? share your opinion under leave a reply


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