jagger jinx?

is mick jagger bad luck? is that how young football fans unfamiliar with his music identify him–the guy who makes football teams lose at the world cup?

after england’s loss to croatia yesterday, the associated press reported

jagger…has been thought of as a bit of a jinx by and large at world cup football stadiums.

in fact the headline of the article on espn.com reads

Mick Jagger jinx alive and well as England fall to Croatia at World Cup

has been thought of is present perfect passive voice; it’s not mentioned who actually thinks jagger is a jinx. a jinx attracts bad luck. by and large means principally, especially. alive and well means still active despite speculation to the contrary.

jinx from league of legends “lives to wreak havoc without care for the consequences”

england’s loss has..

reinforced the theory that began in South Africa in 2010.

where jagger watched the u.s. lose to ghana…

alongside former president bill clinton, who had a cameo in the martin scorsese-directed rolling stones concert film “shine a light.”

..and apparently caused england and brazil to be eliminated too by showing up (attending) to their games and cheering for them.

reinforce is support. alongside is with, next to. former is ex, previous. a cameo is a brief appearance by an easily identified celebrity. u can see bill clinton‘s shine a light cameo here.

bill clinton & mick jagger watching u.s. vs ghana at the 2010 world cup

jagger alongside former u.s. president bill clinton at south africa 2010 (pacificcoastnews.com)

more evidence of mick’s bad football mojo (energy) followed 4 years later

in 2014, jagger wrote some encouraging words on twitter ahead of england’s match against uruguay in the group stage in brazil…england lost.

encouraging is motivational. ahead of means before.

it’s alright, mate. no bad luck here.

jagger also incorrectly predicted a win for italy against uruguay and portugal to win the tournament (they were knocked out during group stage).

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

but it was…

the semifinals which essentially cemented jagger’s reputation as a harbinger of bad luck in brazil….brazil lost, big-time, a 7-1 defeat to the eventual champions, [germany]

cement as a verb means establish. harbinger is a sign. big time means in a big way. jagger was in attendance for that game as well, and his son, who is brazilian, was rooting (cheering) for brazil.

david luis on the pitch vs germany at the world cup in 2014

after brazil lost big-time to germany at the 2014 world cup, david luis apologized to the whole nation.

it got more ironic last year.

perhaps it was that dire history that prompted jagger to write [the song] “england lost,” … it starts with the tale of someone ostensibly going to watch england play a soccer match and finishes with some political commentary about britain’s exit from the european union. “i went to see england, but england’s lost,” jagger sings. “and everyone said we were all ripped off.”

dire means terrible. prompt as a verb means provoke. tale is a story; like a fairy tale. ostensibly means seemingly but maybe not really. britain’s exit from the european union is often referred to as the brexit. england’s lost indeed is saying the country is lost, not that england lost a football match. ripped off means the english people got a bad deal.

do u believe england lost to croatia because of a jagger jinx? share your thoughts under leave a reply




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