bragging/boasting in funny, brutal, memorable examples

a word that i have talked about in many classes this summer is brag. thank u, donald trump.

brag refers to people who talk about themselves excessively and/or arrogantly.

trump mobile brag
the crowd in mobile was excited to hear trump brag

since trump announced his candidacy for president two months ago, it’s been easy to find instances of him bragging. kate linthicum at the los angeles times reported that during a nationally televised speech last night in mobile, alabama trump

criticized america’s leaders as “stupid,” complained about children born to immigrants in the country illegally, and bragged about his personal wealth.

and from the same speech quoted trump as saying

the reason i have this really incredible enthusiasm… because i know what i’m doing. and i don’t say that in a bragging way. u people are looking for somebody who knows what he’s doing.

it's not a brag if u back it up
this quote about bragging is often associated with muhammed ali

trump’s sentiment sounds similar to the saying

it’s not bragging if u can back it up

in other words, saying u can do something and then actually doing it isn’t bragging. it’s simply stating facts.

mordecai brag hummus
mordecai bragging about hummus

this clip featuring rigby the raccoon and mordecai the blue jay from the animated series regular show is a much more humble (opposite of arrogant) example that u will always remember. thank u, hummus.

this vid is a promo for the party pete episode of regular show (s02e09). in the episode, mordecai and rigby find a refrigerator full of promotional soda from the 1984 olympics. excited with their find, they decide to throw a party.  the above clip shows them bragging about the snacks they bought for the party.

mordecai says

i don’t mean to brag, i don’t mean to boast, but here’s some hummus for these mini-toasts

boast is a synonym of brag.

hummus brag
hummus and pita triangles (

mordecai is imitating the structure used by master mike of the sugarhill gang in this old school (a fashionable way to say old) rap classic rapper’s delight.  listen at 4:38

i don’t mean to brag, i don’t mean to boast
but we like hot butter on a breakfast toast

fun elt practice  richyrocks english on youtube

with both mordecai and the sugarhill gang, “i don’t mean to brag” is in fact used to introduce bragging. this is the most common usage for the phrase.

rigby pointing to hummus in a grocery bag
rigby gets excited about the hummus too

additionally, in the regular show video rigby makes this rhyme about his contribution to the party

some call me cheap, bit of a freeloader, but i bought cups for that old school soda

a freeloader is someone who doesn’t pay their fair share or always looks for a way to get something for free.

freddie the freeloader was a character red skelton created in the early days of american television. in this vid, he is kinda bragging about his plan to spend christmas in jail. for free.

what do u brag about?  or are u always humble?  do u agree that if u can back it up, it’s not bragging? share your answers under leave a reply 


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