happy hump day :)

wednesday is known informally as hump day. it marks the middle of the week. after wednesday the majority of the week is over, i.e. u are over the hump, and next weekend is closer than last weekend.


fun english practice richyrocks english on youtube

there are many, many memes celebrating and joking about hump day.

camels’ humps make them obvious icons for hump day

because camels have humps (the big curves on their backs) they are the most common animal associated with hump day. this geico commercial is largely responsible for the popularity of wednesday’s nickname.

but hump day memes are not limited to camels

puppy meme: trying desperately to get over wednesday     

cat hump day meme

do dogs, cats and seals really know it’s wednesday?

hump can also mean have sex. many memes exploit the double meaning.




happy hump day--a dog and a goose


dog humping leg meme: happy hump day



and the lady in this on-line greeting card believes that humping is just one type of sex. she prefers a different type.

fuck hump day

fuck is used two different ways here. fuck humpday! means she is not a fan of this concept, she doesn’t like it. fuck me so hard is the original idea of fuck ==>sex.

finally, not everyone is a fan of the expression.

doesn't like hump day


geico made another commercial recognizing that imitations of the popular original commercial can be annoying

do the days of the week have nicknames in your language or in your part of the world? share your experience under leave a reply




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