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happy new year, 2018. i hope your year has started dynamically.

fun elt practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

my first video of the year and its accompanying post here on are based on a blogpost from that was also blogged about on

coding dojo, an organization that offers intensive coding courses, listed the following 7 programming languages on their blog as the most in-demand for 2018 based on analysis of job postings on, an employment site.

coding dojo logo

  1. java
  2. python
  3. java script
  4. c++
  5. c#
  6. php
  7. perl, a career website (with offices in iowa 😝), made it sound cooler by blogging about what programmer languages are hot (trendy, popular) in 2018.

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despite the prevalence and popularity of videos on-line that feature an esl instructor reading a list of words in english, the dialogue from the video at :28 presents a contrasting opinion

i can tell u what’s always hot for on-line videos: reading a list. honestly it’s kinda the opposite of hot. it’s kinda unhot. it’s not so hot.  it’s not really entertaining to watch.

reading a list of words in a video is boring. i’ve said it before. but i did  read the list of  hot programming languages. really fast.

bored watching an esl teacher read a list on a video

watching esl teachers read lists of words in english in videos is kinda unhot. (istockphoto/cyano66)

at :47,  tippy in the expression tippy top emphasizes the very top, #1. piping hot is usually used to describe food that has just finished cooking and is extremely hot.  the idea is that while java still has the most job postings for this year, python and php were the only languages that have more postings than last year.

lingua franca, used at :52, is the language used by speakers of different native languages to communicate.  for humans, the lingua franca continues to be english.

philosoraptor meme: if english is a lingua franco, why isn't "lingua franca" in english?

lingua franca is actually italian in origin.

are u a coder? how many of these languages have u worked with? what projects did u use them on? share your experience under leave a reply





have fun, amigos.

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