holy week, good friday & easter sunday

this week christians observe holy week, a celebration of the passion and resurrection of jesus christ that marks the end of the 40 day season of spiritual preparation known as lentevery day of holy week is also known as holy. for example, jesus celebrated the last supper with his disciples on holy thursday.

the last supper was celebrated on holy thursday
the last supper: jesus shares a final meal with his disciples 

the one holy week exception is good friday, the day jesus was crucified and died. it is the subject of this video from the richyrocks youtube channel where jesus talks with one of his disciples (followers) about what happened on that fateful (big impact) weekend.

it may seem like a misnomer to refer to the day the savior gets the shit kicked out of him by roman soldiers and dies via crucifixion as good.

jesus’ resurrection is celebrated by christians on easter (estsy.com)

but for christians it is a good friday because they believe that jesus’ extreme death followed by his resurrection on easter sunday took away their sins.

fun english practice  :) richyrocks english on youtube

is a good name for the day jesus was crucified? or can u think of a better name for the day? post any comments, questions, feelings or inspirations under leave a reply





have fun, amigos.

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