grinding till it’s ground

on christmas day 2014, gamers hoping to enjoy their gaming-related gifts on-line were denied (they couldn’t do it).  the playstation network and xbox live were offline as the result of a hack by a group known as lizard squad.

lizard squad grinding
a lizard squad profile picture from twitter

paul tamburro at included the incident in a slideshow about the year’s biggest hacks explaining that the lizard squad‘s hack

saw the online servers for the ps4, xbox one, ps3 and xbox 360 come grinding to a halt.

come grinding to a halt is an expression that gives the idea of a big piece of machinery coming to a stop while making a horrible, metal on metal sound.  it is usually used when the stop is unwanted, as was the case with the x-box live and playstation networks.

daily-grind grinding
the daily grind is annoying, but most of us would hate to see it come grinding to a halt.

similarly, the expression daily grind indicates a routine that is repetitive & boring. the picture above effectively illustrates the connection between daily grind and come grinding to a halt.

lady grinding her teeth

she’s grinding her teeth

grind by itself means to create friction between two solid things. like the tendency to constantly bite when nervous (grind teeth) or to dance very closely and rub bodies (grind on).

ñadu grinding on a dude in the club
sometimes grinding can be fun.

another way to use grind is to reduce to smaller particles, powder or dust. meat, pepper and coffee are common products to grind.

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100
a tube of ground beef from walmart. (

when coffee is ground right before drinking, it is referred to as freshly ground.

a coffee grinder
a coffee grinder

thus this classic joke from the richyrocks youtube channel contrasting the irregular participle for the verb grind; ground, and ground, the earth’s surface.

fun english practice  richyrocks english on youtube

can u think of a situation that u can describe with the expression grinding to a halt? any doubts about how to use the variations of grind? post your examples or questions under leave a reply



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