grant: 5 effective examples of how we use it

grant means fulfill a request or wish or give. it’s typical to see it used when  requesting access to a network.

access granted and access denied icons vocabulario en inglés

the opposite of access granted is access denied (

this video from the richyrocks youtube channel is a musical application that is part of catholic mass 👉🏽a petition to the lamb of the lord (jesus) to grant us peace.

similarly, the idiom take for granted is used to indicate that people don’t appreciate it enough or that they expect it will always be ready and available; literally they assume a request has been granted when maybe it hasn’t.

this vid of conan o’brien interviewing comedian louis c.k. is a favorite of mine to analyze in class.

at 1:30 conan’s question for louis is

do u think that we now in the 21st century take technology for granted?

throughout the video, c.k.’s observations on how we take our technology like atms, cell phones, travelling by airplane and the internet for granted are funny and accurate.

everything is amazing
louis ck talking tech

fun english practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

meme of guy blowing his nose--text reads breathing-ill-never-take-u-for-granted-again vocabulario en inglés     sad tobey maguire meme--text reads when one of your nostrils is stuffy and u just remembering all the times you've taken breathing with both nostrils for granted--vocabulario en inglés

memes that remind us not to take our respiratory health for granted

and this richard roeper review of the contagion, a movie that contains quite a few similarities to the covid pandemic, has an example of how granted is used by itself.

gwyneth paltrow contagion grant
gwynneth paltrow making people sick in contagion

roeper loved the movie, but by using the word granted at 2:45 he recognizes or accepts that for people who are afraid of germs, the movie could be difficult to watch

granted, this is heavy stuff, and I know some germaphobes who don’t even want to hear about a movie called “contagion let alone experience it.

let alone in this context is an expression that means much less. people who fear germs don’t want to even know about a movie like contagion, much less watch it.

can u think of something that everybody takes for granted? have u seen contagion? what did u think? share your opinions under leave a reply


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