github acquired by microsoft: the bottom line

microsoft, the software giant, has bought github, the code management repository, for $7.5 billion. because it is a quantity, $7.5 billion is pronounced seven point five billion dollars.

the microsoft logothe github logo

paul v. weinstein has an article in the harvard business review with this headline

Why Microsoft Is Willing to Pay So Much for GitHub

and the article breaks it down (explains it) like this:

[microsoft] is paying for the access it gets to the legions of developers who use github’s code repository products on a daily basis (the company’s strategic value) — so they can be guided into the microsoft developer environment, where the real money is made.

willing means microsoft is ok with it. a daily basis means every day. is made is passive voice. it’s redundant to say that microsoft makes money in microsoft developer environments, so passive voice is a better alternative.

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but it has been reported around the internet that the move hasn’t sat well with (it’s annoyed) various coders who have been at odds (disagreed) philosophically with microsoft for a long time.

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cali haan explains on that

git, the social system used to collaborate on open source software projects at github, was invented by linux founder, linus torvalds.

mircosoft’s acqusition of github adds insult to injury (makes it worse) becuase

software developers and other computing aficionados have long resented microsoft for competitive attacks it made against linux in the early 2000s when freely-distributed linux software began to threaten microsoft market share.

inventors/creators are a commonly referred to with passive voice–invented by is an example in haan’s article. aficionado, like it is in spanish, is an enthusiast, a fan. resent is like feel offended by. threaten is put at risk. market share is the portion of the software market that microsoft controlled.

linus torvalds

linux founder linus torvalds

how did linux succeed against microsoft?

torvalds cites the non-proprietary approach at linux as the reason its software systems have quietly become the most pervasive on the planet. linux software animates everything from android phones to the world’s top supercomputers.

cite is name, mention. non-proprietary means no licenses are necessary to use linux. approach is a style, technique. pervasive is ubiquitous, everywhere.

the linux logo

linux’s non-proprietary approach has made its systems the most pervasive in the world.

in other words, for years microsoft’s business model has been at odds with torvalds’ philosophy. in 2005, torvalds observed that

in the long run, you can’t sanely compete with the open-source mentality.

in the long run means an extended view of the future. sanely is rationally, realistically. open-source is software that is available for free and can be modified and redistributed.

john maynard keynes yolo and in the long run example

20th century economist john maynard keynes may not have actually said yolo, but his quotein the long run we’re all dead” is a similar idea.

despite (regardless of) this history, linux has indicated that they are happy with the deal. in an article by matt weinberger for the business insider, linux foundation executive director jim zemlin…

acknowledges that there are small pockets of deep mistrust of microsoft in the open source community.

but admits

the bottom line: this is pretty good news for the world of open source and we should celebrate microsoft’s smart move…i will own responsibility for some of that [mistrust] as i spent a good part of my career at the linux foundation poking fun at microsoft…but times have changed and it’s time to recognize that we have all grown up.

acknowledge and own both mean accept. pocket in this context means isolated group. mistrust is the opposite of trust. the bottom line is the most important point. pretty is to a slight or significant degree. poke fun at is make fun of, mock. grow up means mature.

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and paul ford‘s article on offers more analysis of the purchase. the headline reads

GitHub Is Microsoft’s $7.5 Billion Undo Button

the phrase $7.5 billion undo button is pronounced seven point five billion dollar undo button because the money phrase is an adjective describing undo button. undo button is a metaphor to say that microsoft has a chance to start over with open source developers.

an undo button

ford talks about the public’s unfamiliarity with github

it can be baffling what in god’s name github inc. does or why it’s worth so much…it was a service made by developers to meet the needs of other developers….they took something very weird and made it more usable.

baffling is confusing. be worth refers to the value of github. made by is another instance of passive voice. meet the needs means satisfy. weird means strange,

dude is baffled

wtf does github do? i’m fucking baffled.

and bloomberg’s conclusion is

BOTTOM LINE – github has dramatically accelerated coding and made itself indispensable to programmers. the company can be an invaluable goodwill-builder for microsoft—if it doesn’t screw it up.

indispensable and invaluable are similar; they mean essential, crucial. goodwill means microsoft can use github to earn the confidence of coders. screw up means ruin, make a mistake.

motivation from kin jong un

north korean supreme leader kim jong un might have uttered this personal reflection to himself before his summit with u.s. president trump in singapore earlier this week.

are u a coder? do u use github? will microsoft screw up github? share your predictions under leave a reply





have fun, amigos.

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