fruit salad yummy, yummy: cool english vocabulary from the wiggles

on the  richyrocks youtube channel  i had a request to analyze this song by the kids group the wiggles for toluca lyric 9.

fruit salad yummy, yummy? is this a legitimate request? perhaps trolling?  either way….kids tv and music are good places to expand your english vocabulary. EVEN IF YOU’RE AN ADULT 😎

yummy appears in the title and various times in the chorus. it means delicious. and even though it sounds  like a little kids’ word,  it’s frequently used by adults too.

fun english practice 😀 richyrocks english on youtube

remember in january when justin bieber released this song and it felt like 2020 was gonna be yummy yum the whole year? it seems like a long time ago…

listen at 1:00 in the wiggles video for the lyric

it’s going to be a fruit salad treat

a treat generates joy; as in the halloween request trick or treat. most kids want candy at halloween though. they would be disappointed with  fruit salad as a treat. this classic johnny otis song tells the story of a guy named way-out willie doing a dance called the hand jive. at 1:30 the lyrics use the word treat to describe a variation to the dance ….

way-out willie gave them all a treat, yeah
when he did the hand jive with his feet

this verse starts at 1:05 in the fruit salad video…

(the first step)
peel your bananas
(the second step)
toss in some grapes
(the third step)
chop up some apples
chop up some melons

peel is used as a verb here and means remove the peel. the phrasal verb toss in means include. toss is throw softly. chop up means cut into small pieces.


when this happens, banana peel is a noun

presenting the instructions as a progression of steps is reminiscent of (recalls) 80s/90s boy band the new kids on the block‘s biggest hit…

at 1:35 in the fruit salad video, the wiggles start to talk about eating the fruit salad …

(the first step)
eat up the banana
(the second step)
eat up some grapes
(the third step)
eat up some apples
eat the melons
now there’s nothing on your plate

it’s kinda weird that in this verse the wiggles are recommending that u eat the individual fruits step by step. the reason for making a fruit salad is to enjoy the fruits all together 🤷‍♀️

eat up, a phrasal verb that means eat it all,  is very similar to eat. so when the song suggests  that u eat the melons but eat up the bananas, grapes and apples, there is really no difference. lick up is another phrasal verb that could be substituted for eat up if there is some fruit juice on your plate,

guy licking up ketchup off a plate vocabulario en inglés

is he seriously gonna lick up all that ketchup? gross! (shutterstock)

on the other hand, the title of this song by kiss, is probably referring to oral sex.

it’s also odd (strange) that at 1:25 the wiggles sing that it’s time to put the scraps away. scraps are unused pieces, garbage. put away means store, put in the refrigerator in this case. more likely after u make a fruit salad, u will want to throw the scraps away (put them in the garbage).

the english practice extra for this post talks a little more about the word yummy, wiggle, the vocabulary word that gave the wiggles their name and the idiom wiggle room. additionally there is vocabulary used that u can find in other posts on aim, gotta, lmao, mild  and clincher,

which is your favorite song on this post? will it help u remember the vocabulary it is connected to? share your thoughts under leave a reply


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