england dominates european football

this week both the europa league and the uefa champions league will have all english finals. that’s weird, but it’s even weirder because england is trying to separate from europe politically and financially, a process known around the world as the brexit.

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poster of europa league final 2019

chelsea and arsenal will meet in the europa league final. (uefa.com)

hotsportstv.com ran this headline earlier this month

Knockout For Brexit As English Clubs Sweep UCL, Europa Final Tickets

and started the article like this

while the united kingdom is battling with brexit, that protracted withdrawal from the european union, four english teams will play at the finals of europe’s most glamorous club competitions; the champions league (ucl) and the europa cup.

knockout means the idea of the brexit took a loss. sweep means english clubs won all four available spots in the two finals. protracted means long. withdrawal means exit.

klay thompson high fives draymond green after the golden state warriors sweep the portland trailblazers in the 2019 nba western conference finals

the golden state warriors swept the portland trailblazers in the nba western conference finals and will play in their 5th straight nba finals. (troy wayrynen, usa today sports/reuters)

as mentioned above, it’s weird.

only twice before in european football — the 1972 uefa cup and 2008 champions league — had two english teams contested a final, but two improbable comebacks guaranteed another such clash on june 1 in madrid.

had two english teams contested is past perfect. it refers to these all-english uefa finals and all the time before it. comeback means they were losing but ended up winning. clash is confrontation. such means like that.

poster for uefa champions league final 2019 between tottenham hotspur & liverpool

the uefa champions league final features tottenham hotspur against liverpool (uefa.com)

the two teams in the uefa cup final, liverpool and tottenham hotspur both passed to the final via amazing victories in their respective semifinals.

liverpool, last year’s runners-up to real madrid, ended spain’s five-year grip on the continent’s top club prize as they shocked lionel messi and barcelona [with a] stunning 4-0 win…..“we saw liverpool last night. it just goes to show it’s not over until it’s over,” spurs defender danny rose said after his side rallied from a 3-0 aggregate deficit at half-time to break ajax hearts thanks to a second-half hat-trick from lucas moura.

runner-up is second place. grip is a strong hold. stunning is surprising. a hat-trick is three goals scored in one game. lucas moura’s hat trick broke the hearts of ajax fans because they believed they would pass to the uefa final–they felt really sad. it just goes to show means it’s a great example. it’s not over until it’s over is a classic motivational line, especially in sports, used to encourage us not to give up or quit. it’s also the title of this popular lenny kravitz song.

the article offers a few reasons for england’s domninance in european football this season. the most obvious is money, but money didn’t solve every problem.

despite record broadcast deals bringing in billions from around the globe, english clubs have been out-thought and out-played at champions league level over the past decade.

broadcast refers to television transmission. transmission is basically the same idea (like transmisión in spanish) but broadcast is a much more common word in english. despite means that the premier league’s financial success hadn’t made a difference in champions league. clubs from other european leagues had beaten them for the past decade.

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a great way to strengthen your grip (aliexpress.com)

coaches from outside of england have solved this problem.

crucially, the premier league now also boasts not only money but world-class coaching that has been given time to build.

boast means the premier league proudly has money and great coaches. has been given is present perfect passive voice. recently and up to the present (present perfect) team owners in the premier league gave coaches time to build. the owners are implied, but not mentioned here (passive voice).

lucas moura celebrates against ajax

lucas moura had a hat trick against ajax in the champions league semifinal. (getty)

the final ingredient to the success of english club football mentioned in the article is the intense competition to qualify for the european tournaments.

the constant grind of england’s top six vying every season for just four champions league places allows nobody to rest on their laurels, on the pitch or off it in the recruitment process.

grind means hard work. vie is compete, strive, struggle. rest on their laurels means relax because of past achievements or efforts. the pitch is the football field. recruitment is attracting talent. in the premier league, this recruitment process frequently leads to the signing of players from other countries. lucas moura, like the majority of the players in the premier league is not english (moura is brazilian). the other player mentioned above, danny rose, is an example of immigration to england as well. he is english, but all four of his grandparents are jamaican.

gold laurels

laurels: a traditional prize for a victory. don’t rest on them. (istock)

what do u think about the irony of england dominating european football this season while trying to leave the european union (the brexit)? share your opinion under leave a reply



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