no coronavirus shutdown for the easter bunny in new zealand

new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern made global headlines earlier this week for proclaiming that the corona virus will not shut down (prevent from working) the easter bunny or the tooth fairy.

new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern (mark mitchell)

according to an article by bill chappell on, ardern made this announcement exempting both legendary figures from the quarantine that is in place to stop the spread (movement, expansion) of the coronavirus…

you’ll be pleased to know that we do consider both the tooth fairy and the easter bunny to be essential workers

pleased is happy, satisfied. the auxiliary do is used for emphasis.


this rabbitt still has a job in new zealand

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children in new zealand were anxious to hear about the easter bunny’s status for this weekend…

ardern announced the exemption in response to rampant speculation by new zealand’s youngest citizens, who had wondered how the coronavirus crisis might affect the traditional arrival of colorful eggs, chocolates and other treats.

rampant means widespread, uncontrolled. had wondered is past perfect. it refers to the time until ardern made her announcement. wonder means the kids were curious. might is a modal auxiliary verb that means possibly. treats are gifts or candy, as in the halloween expression trick or treat.


easter eggs are a big part of the easter tradition (getty)

chappell continues…

in a sweeping move, ardern also laid to rest any doubt about the tooth fairy’s status, saying the overnight exchange of gifts for lost teeth will continue.

sweeping is extensive. lay to rest is an idiom that means stop, end or bury. the phrase is used in the chorus to the song can u feel the love tonight by elton john, featured in the original lion king

and can you feel the love tonight? how it’s laid to rest?
it’s enough to make kings and vagabonds believe the very best

the prime minister also wanted new zealand kids to recognize the difficulty that the easter bunny is facing this year…

so i say to the children of new zealand, if the easter bunny doesn’t make it to your household, then we have to understand that it’s a bit difficult at the moment for the bunny to perhaps get everywhere

household refers to the house or home as a unit. it’s a synonym for home or house in this example. a bit means a little. make it and get both mean arrive.


a bit

make it is used in this classic blues track by howlin’ wolf. the lyrics describe worrying about the evil of infidelity while traveling, and then getting home to see it in person. listen at 2:22 in the video below

if u make it to your house, knock on the front door
run ’round to the back, you’ll catch him just before he go
that’s evil, evil is goin’ on, i am warnin’ u brother
u better watch your happy home

’round is a reduction of around. goin’ is a reduction of going. go on is another phrasal verb that means happen. better is another modal auxiliary verb that is, like the song says, used as a warning.

ardern also had a message for the entire new zealand public regarding phase 4 of their coronavirus contingency continuing…

my concern is that anyone who looks at our numbers, that they cannot be complacent. the moment anyone decides that they can start loosening up on level 4, that is a dangerous place for new zealand to be. the fastest way for us to get out of level 4 is for everyone to comply with level 4 right till the end.

complacent means not worried, unconcerned. different than complaciente in spanish, which is accommodating in english. loosen up means relax. the fastest is the superlative of fast. the phrasal verb get out of means leave, escape. comply means follow the rules. right in this context means all the way, completely.


but for real, new zealand–don’t get complacent, don’t loosen up. (nz herald)

for more info about the traditions of easter eggs and the easter bunny, check out this english practice extra…


is it a good idea to let the tooth fairy and the easter bunny continue working or should they be on quarantine like most other organizations? share your argument under leave a reply


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