dope, the dopest or just dopey?

dope is a synonym for idiot.  and the adjective dopey means stupid.

dopey (the dwarf) got his name because the other dwarves thought he was stupid 

whoopi goldberg used the superlative form of the adjective when she talked about working on the classic movie ghost. says that whoopi and co-star patrick swayze

joked about the project being possibly “the dopiest thing we’ve ever done” while they were filming.

patrick swayze and whoopi goldberg in ghost vocabulario en inglés

patrick swayze and whoopi goldberg gettin’ dopey in ghost

similarly, columnist john naish thinks london mayor sadiq khan‘s idea to set up a committee to explore the possibility of marijuana legalization is dopier than criminalized cannabis. the headline of his opinion in the daily mail  says

The deadly truth about why Mayor of London’s plan to legalise cannabis is his dopiest idea yet

london mayor amir khan vocabulario en inglés

london mayor sadiq khan

speaking of marijuana, dope can also mean smoking marijuana like the lyrics in this famous fetty wap track at 2:52

i be smokin dope and u know backwoods is what i roll

or the lil uzi vert verse of the playboi cardi song shoota at 1:02…

u know that i’m smokin dope, i’ll be high till next week

or the chorus of this hippie favorite by new riders of the purple sage

i been smokin dope, snorting coke, tryna write a song

dope can also mean harder recreational drugs like in lady gaga‘s song dope. she regrets the rock and roll lifestyle and various times says i need u more than dope.

this portrait of a drug dealer from compton, california at the end of the 1980s by nwa is another memorable example

but the most common application of the word nowadays is to express that something is cool.

for instance…

it was widely reported at the beginning of this year that new england patriots quarterback cam newton thinks head coach bill belichick is dope as shit. dope as shit in this context means very dope.

newton and belichick’s relationship was not dope enough to keep them together this season–cam was released before the start of the season.

the title of. lil nas x‘s  track montero (call me by your name)

…was inspired by the eponymous movie.

lil nas x says

that was one of the first gay films that I had watched, and I thought the theme was so dope of calling somebody by your own name

this movie is so cool they named it dope. the trailer also shows that drugs had some influence on the title.

during his acceptance speech for best original score at the 2021 oscars (for the movie soul), jon batiste  reflects upon how  dope it is that all music comes from 12 notes and thanks god for those 12 notes. listen around 1:00.

leslie jones calls the applause she receives at the beginning of her netflix comedy special dope.

the 2019 movie little suggests a dope idea for an app…

during the pilot of the series home economics, dope is used to characterize the not so obvious topic of a book.

one scene in the movie white chicks takes place in a dope house.

at a party during episode 8 of season one of the series big shot, one of the girls is wearing a dope shirt that she bought on zazzle —an online producer of customized clothing.

zazzle logo

in episode 3 of season 2 of the popular netflix series never have i ever, we learn that because paxton is an athlete, several dope schools are interested in him.

according to season one episode 4 of on my block, the dopest dance show ever was soul train.

and in space jam 2: a new legacy, lebron james brags to his son about having a dope idea and then dabs.

in 2018 producer adi shankar compared the power rangers and star wars

Producer Adi Shankar Says “Power Rangers Is Way Doper Than Star Wars”

doper than star wars?

and 2pac uses the superlative in his rap got my mind made. listen at 1:28 for

bear witness to the dopest fuckin rhyme i wrote

bear witness means testify, verify.

there is another example of dopest in this richyrocks tik tok

and this richyrocks english practice extra not only has an example of dopey and examples of two meanings for dope but also contains vocabulary/structures that can be found in other posts here on –>shit (stuff), wtf, ain’t, remind and 3rd conditional (musta been smoking).

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