dance central 2 english practice

efl amigos: take advantage of the various opportunities to practice english that happen in your life naturally. here in mexico, there are practice possibilities everywhere. for example, last weekend i dusted off (cleaned the dust off) an old xbox kinnect game that i hadn’t played for a few months, dance central 2.

Boxshot Wizard file used for creating global boxshots

look at all this!

first of all, two of the songs on the dance central 2 soundtrack have been discussed recently here on  lady gaga’s born this way can help u remember how to use the word drag, and what is love by haddaway is a direct question that can help u understand the concept of embedded or indirect questions.

fun efl practice  richyrocks english on youtube

check out some authentic dance central 2 game play with what is love

if the player performs the dance move shown on the screen exactly, the rating is flawless. as with many words containing the suffix -less (endless, homeless, limitless, priceless) flawless means without flaws (imperfections, errors); in other words, perfect.  flawless is probably used more frequently than flaw, and it is the title of this edgy, in-your-face beyoncé video.

another example……dancing several songs in a row while playing dance central could leave u breathless (without air), but the idea of the video for the corrs‘ popular song is that they are left breathless by romantic desire for the cute boy in the cowboy hat at the airport.

one of dance central’s characters, glitch, takes his name (probably a nickname) from a word that indicates a minor malfunction, frequently in a machine or computer system.

glitch dance central
something in glitch’s code told him to praise my dancing.

after an acceptable, but certainly not flawless performance to usher‘s yeah, glitch paid me this compliment:

u should have a cool nickname. like house party or steve.

steve is a nickname (short for) steven.  but it’s really more of a name than a nickname.


kenny powers (aka steve the cockfighter, played by danny mcbride) & his friend steve (played by steve little) in eastbound and down
american dad‘s steve smith

nicknames (substitutes for given names) are often based on physical or personal characteristics or talents e.g. calling a good dancer “house party” or a dancer with a crazy attitude “glitch”

elvis king dance central
what nickname do lebron & elvis share? (lori shepler-associated press)

do u ever practice english by playing video games?  which games do u like & what new words have u learned? share your experience under leave a reply



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