cool english practice from final fantasy xv

final fantsy xv was released at the end of november 2016.

final fantasy xv

the same day, adam rosenberg posted an article at full of tips (practical advice). it begins like this

final fantasy xv is so much fun. u just have to get the hang of it. just like every other final fantasy released since the days of nes, xv is an unapproachable game that doesn’t always explain itself very well.

get the hang of it is applied when learning something that requires patience. unapproachable means difficult. the first hack (trick, shortcut) rosenberg shares is

a secret way to instantaneously refill your drained stamina when you’re not in combat. keeping the circle button (playstation 4 controls) pressed until your stamina meter is almost empty. when there’s just a sliver left: release the button, wait a beat, then press it again. noctis will dart forward in a brief burst and your stamina will refill immediately.

instantaneously is the same as immediately or instantly. drained means gone, used. stamina is endurance, strength. a sliver is an extremely skinny piece.  in the phrase wait a beat, a beat is a very short period of time; maybe a heartbeat or a second. press means hold down, apply pressure. dart in dart forward means move suddenly. brief means short and a burst is a quick, intense move.

a sliver of moon
a sliver of moon

rosenberg warns that ff xv is

filled with threats that don’t really care what level you are. it’s very easy when you’re wandering through the wilderness to suddenly find yourself facing a creature that can land a one-hit kill just by looking at you.

the heroes of final fantasy xv in the wilderness
the heroes of final fantasy xv wandering through the wilderness.

and though it doesn’t sound heroic….

when u find yourself in dire straits, just run away.

threats are imminently dangerous situations. wander means walk around casually. wilderness is a wild, unfriendly place. run away means leave, escapedire straits means in trouble and also is the name of a rock band that was popular in the 70s and 80s

rosenberg advises players to

[not] be shy about switching between active and wait combat

and to

visit all the diners

don’t be shy means do it without hesitation or doubt.  a diner, related to dinner, dine and dining room, is a typical, inexpensive american restaurant.

noctis and ignis in a diner

ignis & noctis in a diner in brotherhood, an anime based on the game

the article recommends abusing (using excessively) a feature that allows u to return to your car or the last place u rested.

there are also options to quickly warp back to either the last rest point u used, or your car. learn how to game the system and use these to your advantage. just finish a quest that took u far off the main road? return to your car. have a boatload of xp saved up as night is falling? zap yourself to your last rest point.

warp back means return really fast, transfer directly. either/or presents two possibilities. game the system means exploit or manipulate it.  quest is an adventure or a search mission. a boatload is a lot.  save up is similar to save but indicates a longer process. zap, like warp, is super speedy transport.

during his campaign for president, donald trump bragged about gaming the system so he didn’t have to pay taxes.

and rosenberg points out that

accumulated XP isn’t applied to your crew until u get a good night’s sleep. it doesn’t matter if u camp under the stars or get a hotel for the evening; as long as u sleep, you’ll apply your banked xp and level up.

isn’t applied is passive voice. the subject isn’t included.  at the end of the paragraph, u is the subject of the phrase you’ll apply your banked xp. this is known as active voice.  as long as means when that condition existsprovided that. level up means advance to the next level.

sleeping in final fantasy xv

as long as u sleep, you’re xp will be applied

do u play final fantasy?  which final fantasy is your favorite? is final fantasy xv the best one yet? share your opinions under leave a reply




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