buen fin: is it really the shit?

a vid on the richyrocks youtube channel is inspired by the mexican commercial holiday taking place this weekend, buen fin.

many consumers see buen fin as a hoodwink. (cartoon from laverdadnoticias.com)

participating businesses offer discounts on various products, electronics in particular, but public opinion is mixed as to how real the discounts are.

fun efl practice  richyrocks english on youtube

in addition to the entertainment value of the video, there are plenty of educational opportunities for english learners.

**it’s necessary to use the -ing form of verbs after prepositions, e.g. at :07  worry about monetizing, and again at :25 ended up being president.

reminder helps u remember something.

**remind is different from remember in that it is used when something external provokes  memory. for example, at :20 buen fin provokes a memory (reminds me) of the last election cycle here in mexico.

remember is used twice at :40 –> yeah, remember that?  yeah, remember that.

kermit having a blast buen fin
a meme of kermit pretending to have a blast in sydney.

**blast means explosion, but at :45 is used as the expression a blast which is a really good time.

**comprometerse, one of the verbs seen in the propaganda from president peña nieto’s 2012 campaign at :55, is frequently translated into english as compromise, which is spanglish.  commit is the correct translation, as heard at :55 & 1:04.

larry the cable guy git r done
and his voice. did larry the cable guy influence peña nieto?







**1:08 get ‘er done (also written git er done or git r done) is an idiom that was popularized by comedian larry the cable guy, the voice of mater in the animated franchise cars. it means complete or do something. at 1:08 in the video the spanish phrase sé cumplir is translated as i get ‘er done.

the shit buen fin
awesome & ‘the shit’ are synonyms.

**and finally, a couple of shit expressions.

in reference to campaign advertising from mexico’s partido revolucionario institucional (pri),at 1:10 in the video u can hear

i don’t want that crap running at the bottom of my videos

 crap is a softer way of saying shit. in this case it indicates something low quality and undesired.

however, by simply adding the article “the” everything changes. the shit describes something excellentcool or awesome.

it’s always a good weekend at richyrocks english 

so, mis lectores mexicanos, is buen fin the shit? is it the best weekend of the year to go shopping?

if u don’t live in mexico, is there something similar to buen fin in your country?

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