50 years of hair

the hippie rock musical hair is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

theatre poster for the musical hair

fun esl practice :) richyrocks english on youtube

mark hanrahan at reuters.com reports that

a special production of the 1960s rock musical “hair”, tweaked for the age of trump, premieres in london this week to mark the ground-breaking show’s 50th anniversary.

tweak means minor changes have been made. ground-breaking means hair was unique and new; it changed theatre.

make love not war

a hippie slogan

hanrahan talks about the tweaks that were made…

among the updates, characters sing about making “america stronger,” – a reference to u.s. president donald trump’s “make america great again” campaign slogan.

among means amid; part of a larger group; hanrahan is listing one of a few updates. slogan is a phrase associated with a person or a group.

irreverent kneeling? (thearon w. henderson/getty images)

and hanrahan observes that

despite the social and political changes since the show’s creation, its themes of racism, fears of nuclear war – and its irreverent treatment of the american flag – mean that [it] is still relevant to the current political discussion.

despite presents contrasting ideas. regardless of social and political changes, hair is still relevant today.  irreverent indicates a lack of respect. discussion is different from the spanish word discusión. it means conversation, NOT argument.

despite being 50 years old, hair is still relevant to current political discussions.

the end of the article presents a question,

would the u.s. president himself, currently embroiled in a row over american football players kneeling during the playing of the national anthem in protest, approve of the show?

trump's beautiful hair shot from the right profile

hair. trump. ironic.

director jonathan o’boyle answered

he’d probably hate it.

currently means now. embroiled means in an intense argument. row (pronounced like like how or now) is a quarrel, a fight. kneel is being on your knees.

aquarius/let the sunshine in is the most famous song from the musical hair.  have u heard it before? have u ever seen a production of hair? do u think its message is still relevant today?





have fun, amigos.

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