lochte pointing at the gold medal he won in rio

ryan lochte’s bad night in rio

ryan lochte is one of the most decorated olympians ever.  but his presence at the rio olympics will be forever connected to the altercation he and three teammates had at a gas station. ryan lochte pointing at what made him famous. lochte’s original explanation of the incident

lupita gonzalez repping uaem at the olympics

an intriguing and glorious olympic moment

watching the olympics and rooting for the united states is not the same experience as watching the olympics and rooting for mexico. lord knows i carry both countries in my heart, and it’s obvious as an olympic gymnast’s dick that my statement is not controversial in the

a delta airlines plane

delta airlines computer outage

delta airlines has lost a lot of money this week. dow jones news service reported that they suffered a meltdown of [their] passenger-reservations computer system monday, causing hundreds of canceled flights and shining another light on the airline industry’s aging technology. meltdown is total failure.  shining a light

rio 2016--olympics in brazil

english practice in a richyrocks song for brazil

the olympics have started in brazil. unfortunately, there has been a lot of negative media coverage leading up to (in anticipation of) today’s innaugural ceremony. the zika virus, the impeachement of president dilma rousseff and the discovery of raw sewage in water that will be used for olympic competitions are problems that

michelle obama carpool karaoke

michelle obama’s carpool karaoke

carpool karaoke is a popular segment on the late, late show, a talk show on american tv.  host james corden chauffeurs an improvised carpool of famous singers and/or celebrities who chat and sing along with him while he drives. the concept has generated hundreds of millions of views on

a pensive michael jordan

michael jordan speaks out

michael jordan, the greatest basketball player ever and current owner of the charlotte hornets, released a statement earlier this week about the combined problem of guns, police and race relations in the united states.  jordan has been cautious to talk about social issues in the past, so

aniston flips off her boss in "office space"

jennifer aniston is fed up

jennifer aniston made internet headlines last week for calling out (challenging) on-line gossip (rumors, hearsay). after her belly appeared slightly larger when she was photographed on the beach in june, various internet sources speculated that she might be pregnant. in an editorial for the huffington post, aniston states

cleveland cavaliers 2016 nba champs

cleveland defies the odds, ends title drought

the cleveland cavaliers were crowned champions of the nba last month. matt moore at cbssports.com provided this perspective it caps an absolutely incredible run in which the cavaliers defied odds and history. cap means complete.  odds are probabilites and defy indicates that the result was improbable. cleveland

baby being spoon-fed

polish or polish??

there is a common confusion in english surrounding the word polish. **polish (first syllable pronounced like go) is the nationality of people from poland.  when talking about people from poland, Polish is usually capitalized. **polish (first syllable pronounced like the first syllable in politics) is a substance that makes

zlatan ibrahimovic

swederland ain’t there

fun english practice  richyrocks english on youtube regularly in my english coaching experience there is confusion between the names of the countries sweden and switzerland, frequently by creating a nation that exists only in english class, swederland. absolut is NOT from the country of swederland sweden has produced the vodka brand