why is jae crowder salty?

the biggest surprise of the nba offseason was free agent superstar kevin durant leaving the oklahoma city thunder for the golden state warriors. like many other teams, the boston celtics made an effort to recruit (tried to convince him to join them) durant over the summer. the celtics’ jae crowder has some

a samsung galaxy note 7 that went up in flames

the samsung galaxy note 7 went up in flames

the samsung  galaxy note 7 is done. around a hundred units have  gone up in flames (started on fire), and samsung researchers have been unable to figure out (find a reason) why. says the new york times claims samsung doesn’t know why several units of

peña nieto roger waters meme

roger waters’ concerts in mexico city

pink floyd founding memeber roger waters played 3 huge shows in mexico city last week. as has been widely reported in the media, during his performances waters shared several political perspectives. ran this headline Roger Waters Slams Donald Trump, Mexican President in Mexico City Concert

colombian voters stunned by the results of the referendum for peace with farc

farc u: colombia votes “no” on peace agreement

the world was already starting to celebrate the peace deal brokered (arranged, negotiated) by colombian president juan manuel santos that promises an end to decades of armed conflict with the guerrilla movement farc. but then, as camila domonoske reported on, something unexpected happened. terms were agreed on, a deal was

dad bod showing off with his kids

dad bod: body shaming our fathers?

last year dad bod was one of the most talked about new expressions in the english language. the phrase refers to men who are somewhat (a little) fit but not completely obsessed with exercise and the appearance of their bodies.  despite the “dad”, it is often applied to men

ravens head coach john harbaugh and eric weddle

eric weddle fits in with the ravens

one of the key free agent signings for the baltimore ravens during the offseason was safety eric weddle.  he had an important interception in baltimore’s 25-20 come from behind victory over the cleveland browns last weekend. weddle and ravens head coach john harbaugh both have a hard-working

josh gad and kevin hart doing the dougie in the wedding ringer--embedded questions

embedded questions in songs u know

embedded questions, also called indirect questions, can be tricky for efl students. when a question is preceded by a short phrase, an embedded question is created. embedded questions are not always questions; frequently they are statements.  in embedded questions, the subject should come before the verb. direct questions,

trump got the best of mexican president enrique peña nieto

peña nieto invited trump to los pinos. wtf

republican presidential candidate donald trump‘s surprising visit to mexico last week provoked a strong negative reaction from the mexican public. trump’s insults against mexicans, and his campaign promises to deport undocumented mexicans in the u.s. and construct a wall between the u.s. and mexico paid for by mexico made him

pokemon go

faith ekakitie’s nasty pokemon go experience

three things i wanted to talk about here on police brutality against black people in the u.s., pokemon go and iowa hawkeye football, all came together in an unusual incident this summer that thankfully ended without violence. iowa hawkeye defensive tackle faith ekakitie was surrounded and searched

remember second place

nobody remembers second place

nobody remembers second place is a common expression used to motivate competitors to accept nothing less than a victory.  it is also the title of the latest video on the richyrocks youtube channel. if the celebration of silver (and bronze) medalists at the olympics in rio